By Michael Baldwin–

Sexual objectification and binge drinking mark house and venue parties organized by fraternities. I couldn’t believe that the naughty schoolgirl party, a Tau Kappa Epsilon ten-year tradition, is a publicized event.

What woman would willingly dress like that for simple amusement of their male peers? Where are those who don’t prefer dressing as sexually promiscuous children to have fun? What does this, and other party trends, say about women? If women wish to be objectified, this article is pointless. I would hate to think of our culture as being so male dominated that women will do whatever necessary for male attention.

Needless to say, it’s difficult to meet someone and have a deep conversation while your groin is grinding against their bum for hours, while trying to speak over the same three LMFAO tracks blasting in the background. This situation isn’t limited to the aforementioned event. Some frats advertise for themed parties, usually ones that are sexual in nature. This seems to be the trick to get scantily dressed women out to parties. Since the music is too loud to get to know someone, patrons judge strictly on looks. What if the person you have been grinding on for the last three hours has starkly different ideals than you when it comes to education reform?

What are people looking for when they go to these parties? It seems like there’s a huge divide on reasons for party attendance. While some go to look for fun, others troll the dance floor looking for random hook-ups. Are some looking for real relationships or a hook up that won’t mean anything to either one of you? This can open up an entire new discussion: What ever happened to love? Where is the romance? I feel as people, we deserve a little better than one night stands. However, if a random hook up is what you’re looking for, then go for it. And make sure to make your intentions known to the person you’re trying to take home.

Where are we going to draw the line for parties like the naughty school girl party? If women are going to keep showing up, how far can the fraternities push it? What other sexual desires are they going to turn into parties? If they don’t stop these soon, be on the lookout for the foot fetish sock hop, the bondage bash 2012 and the ménage à trois mixer.

Cartoon by Michael Layman/The Louisville Cardinal

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Photo/Flickr: Dottie Mae