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Why should you get involved at The Cardinal?

Caitlyn Crenshaw, Managing Editor
Working at The Louisville Cardinal has been one of the most challenging and most rewarding experiences of my college career this far. This place is where the staff learns not only about journalism, news and writing, but learn how to come together to produce something to be proud of. When I first started at The Louisville Cardinal, I never imagined that I would gain and learn so much in the next two years. I hope that every person who ventures into the basement of the Houchens building in the next year to The Cardinal’s meeting puts forth a great amount of effort at whatever they are passionate. I will promise you one thing, it will pay off.

Simon Isham, News Editor
Since I began working at the Cardinal, I have had the privilege of working in and with all of the sections of the paper, generating content and designing pages. I have also been fortunate to have such extraordinary co-workers laboring at my side to produce a well-rounded publication every week. There were many times when I was confident that the paper would be unable to meet its deadlines; nevertheless, we always persevered — and how!  Writing for the Cardinal is a fantastic experience as well as a hearty reality check so I encourage any student interested in journalism to apply for a job at the Cardinal. I simply cannot wait to begin as editor-in-chief in the fall.

Maggie Cunningham,
Assistant News Editor
After spending two years at U of L hardly ever coming to campus, editing and writing for the Cardinal has introduced me to the school and campus I didn’t even know I was attending. My typically introverted self is now comfortable walking around campus and talking to complete strangers and I actually know where I am going on campus, sometimes. Not only is my writing improving each issue, I am learning so much about what I want to do when I graduate and I feel more prepared than ever.

Sammie Hill, Sports Editor
I began working at the Louisville Cardinal my freshman year, and when the position of Sports Editor opened up, I knew it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. Throughout the past two years with the Cardinal, I’ve met incredible athletes, covered exciting games, and witnessed U of L’s success in so many sports. Working at the Cardinal gives students the chance to see so many different sides to Louisville and experience all that the university, and the city, has to offer. I’m happy that I made the decision to get involved with the Cardinal and hope incoming freshmen will check it out too.

Noah Allison, Assistant Sports Editor
I love the Cardinal!
I could never forget my freshman year at U of L, it was full of experiences and memories that I will cherish forever and so many of them were solely because I joined the paper.
My first assignment was going to a football practice and interviewing QB Teddy Bridgewater; Teddy freaking Bridgewater! Other than getting to talk to him I also got my chances at meeting most of the 2012-13 Sugar Bowl Champions, I not only got to experience the remarkable season as a fan, I got to be there behind the scenes for much of the excitement too.
That would have been cool enough, but we just also happened to win the National Championship in basketball and I got to be along for the whole ride. Going into the locker room and interviewing guys like Gorgui Dieng, Peyton Siva, Russ Smith and Kevin Ware was surreal after watching them stick it to some poor team that had to travel to the Yum! Center to face our squad.

Getting to go to NCAA Tournament games and countless home games and getting to know the team that made history will always make me cherish the unbelievable opportunities the Louisville Cardinal created for me in just my freshman year of college.

Anna Meany, Features Editor
I’ve loved being an editor for the Cardinal because it has given me the opportunity to gain real world experience in a low-stress environment. I have gotten to know a lot of creative individuals while consistently working to produce a good paper each week. Probably the most rewarding thing about working for the newspaper is how much I’ve grown as a writer — seeing your own work in print is the absolute best motivator. Although I won’t be working at the Cardinal my senior year, I hope the staff can continue what great work the 2012-2013 section editors have worked to create.

Aimee Jewell, Assistant Features Editor
I adored working at The Louisville-Cardinal. Through writing for The Cardinal, I learned not only about writing and the campus, but about myself. Working at The Cardinal this past year not only taught me the importance of a deadline, how to appropriately express ideas, and how to stay involved on campus life, but it also led me to meet some of the greatest people I met while at UofL. Learning InDesign was always something I wanted to learn how to do, and by working at the paper, I got hands on training while writing about subjects I wanted to cover. I loved being able to pitch ideas and go out into the community to write about things that interested me, instead of simply receiving an assignment and writing about something I didn’t care for. I will miss The Cardinal tremendously after I graduate and truly hope that it only gets better from here.

Tyler Mercer, Opinion Editor
I started writing for The Louisville Cardinal last fall semester and only because a friend who worked here kept encouraging me to get involved. After seeing my first cover worthy piece, I knew that I could never trump that feeling. That one where you see your name in ink and you become overwhelmed with pride and hunger for more. I couldn’t stop writing and I didn’t want to. Since starting I have moved up the ranks a little and am very proud to say that my maturity, professionalism and drive have all grown as well. The people I have met here are some of the best. They inspire, motivate and encourage you and there are few places where you find so many people like this. Don’t make the mistake I did my freshmen year, get involved with us here at the Cardinal as soon as possible! You’re going to learn a little about writing and a little about journalism, but you’re going to learn a lot about responsibility, yourself and, hopefully, a little bit about where you’re headed.

Lara Kinne, Copy Editor
The best part about The Louisville Cardinal is that it gives every student a voice. We do not turn away weak ideas; we develop them. The success of our paper relies on teamwork and creativity, which is something we vigilantly accomplish on the clock. I respect all of the staff and writers who give their time (and talents) to push out a finished product every week. I am grateful to be a part of this team.

Mason McFarland, Assistant Copy Editor
The moment I walked into my first staff meeting at the Cardinal, I realized that all my expectations were to be defied. I thought a newspaper job would be stale and cramped. I was ready to white-knuckle my way through a semester of ennui for the sake of a nice résumé entry. What I found instead was a community of excellent human beings who were always open to new ideas — and every week I’m pleasantly surprised by the budding talent of the people I work with.

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