Tue. Jan 22nd, 2019

Supermarket chivalry: An etiquette guide for shopping at the grocery as a couple

Cartoon illustration by Michael Layman/The Louisville Cardinal

Cartoon illustration by Michael Layman/The Louisville Cardinal

By Anna Meany–

Is chivalry really dead? It’s definitely not on the required list of traits that ladies require their boyfriends to have these days, but shouldnt we be critiquing the guys we date a little more harshly?

Maybe the place to look for politeness isn’t the grocery store, but it wasn’t long ago that I noticed a certain someone with extra-special manners while at the grocery store – and it really stuck out to me.

It got me thinking about the most mundane chore of anyone’s day: stopping by Kroger to pick up cookie dough, Ramen noodles or energy drinks (maybe that’s my normal grocery list).

Supermarket etiquette could be the most un-thought-of concept ever, but it counts.

Here are a few things to remember when you’re with your girl at Kroger:

1. Offer to hold the basket / push the cart.

How often will people think to do this? It’s not like we’ll be surprised if you don’t, but it will make a hell of a difference if you do. It’s kind of like walking alongside the traffic-side of the street; it shows you care about our comfort.

2. No inappropriate food jokes. 

Okay, I understand that offering to put your ranch dressing into her hidden valley sounds cute, but is it what we’re in the mood for while we’re grocery shopping? Us ladies will probably start looking for boyfriends who are food innuendo-free if it becomes a nuisance.

3. Don’t stall.

Especially if you’re at a particularly sketchy grocery store. The last thing we need is a child holding us up in the toy aisle.

So here’s a word of wisdom for all men: pay special attention to your ladies in public places. We don’t just appreciate the manners, but it’s nice to show off our gentlemen.

Was I really that surprised that someone would offer to hold my grocery basket while I looked for the few things I needed? Guess so, and it made an impression. What an unexpected place to discover gentlemen, but you can really tell the difference between guys who are gentlemen by nature and those who do it for the temporary rewards (uh hmm. We’re on to you, boys.)

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