Making it work: Five ways to get through a difficult semester

By on October 2, 2012

Eating at the fast food establishments in the SAC can break the bank. Make food at home to save money

By Anna Meany–

1. Stay in touch with family

I used to think that going home was a wasted weekend – like I couldn’t make it through the semester without attending the infamous toga party. But after two years of going to school away from home, I realized going home is just as important as making time for friends.   Take time to visit your parents, grandparents, sister or brother and even old friends. The ultimate stress reliever can be talking to people about something other than class.

 2. Put school first

Really. And even though this is something your mom already bugs you about, making time to finish homework and study can lead to a better social life  – you can go out without worrying that you still have that huge test to stress over. Don’t let boys keep you from studying! And most importantly, you won’t worry about losing your scholarship.

 3. Talk to your neighbor

So to avoid sounding like Mr. Rogers, I’ll rephrase. Getting to know your classmates is one of the most obvious ways to succeed. And those ten minutes before class starts could be used socializing instead of dreading the next hour of your life. Maybe I’m more outgoing than others, but reaching out and forming study groups can make tests less daunting.

4. Get out of your dorm room

This includes apartment, house or parents’ home; even going out by yourself should be a priority. A change of scenery (and maybe a cup of hot chocolate) can do wonders for cabin fever that hits when the weather gets cooler. And Louisville is such a great city! Utilize the GPS on your phone and go exploring.

5. Manage your money

I used to avoid looking at my bank account because I knew it would read a thousand purchases from McDonald’s (but can you blame me? It was one block from my dorm room.) But I should have been eating the food I had! So much money is wasted eating out and it could be spent on things that won’t make you feel horrible afterwards – like going to Huber’s with friends or seeing a movie.

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