Jason Wayne on becoming a heavy-weight champion

By on October 18, 2011

By Michael Baldwin–

Making his way to the classroom, standing at 6 foot 4, and weighing 243 pounds, is Ohio Valley Wrestling heavyweight champion, Jason Wayne.

That isn’t the only title Wayne holds. The champ is also a University of Louisville junior exercise major and a soldier.

In 2001, Wayne attended Indiana State University and he spent two years getting his general education requirements only to find out he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. He came to the decision of joining the United States Marines.

After two tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan and being promoted to sergeant, the Jacksonville, N.C. native decided in July of 2010 it was time to leave the military and go back home. However, his stay in North Carolina was short.

He said he was in North Carolina “only two weeks before I decided to pack up all my things and moved to Louisville,” where he enrolled in professional wrestler and former World Wrestling Entertainment personality Nick Dinsmore’s beginner wrestling class.

“It was ten weeks of intense training, but it was really worth it,” Wayne said.

But Wayne also had his eyes set on another school – the University of Louisville. At U of L, he is working toward a degree in exercise science.

“I have this Intro to Exercise Science class, where we go over how the body works on all levels and we learned some pretty crazy stuff,” Wayne said. “It’s a good thing to know how the body works, especially with the line of work I’m in.”

After being in the wrestling business for a year, Wayne is holding his own.

“Luckily – knock on wood – I haven’t had any seriously injuries yet,” Wayne said. “A few bumps and bruises, but noting too major.”

To Wayne, all the pain and training is all worth it.

“It’s one greatest feelings I have ever had the crowd starts chanting,” Wayne said. “It reminds me why I got into wrestling in the first place.”

Wayne wasn’t content with staying in the middle of pack. He quickly worked his way up the ranks and captured the OVW heavyweight title in early July 2011, after beating former World Wrestling Entrainment superstar Mike Mondo. He’s held the title for over 100 days, according to the OVW website.

“It was by far at this point in my short career the greatest moment to achieve this goal, especially against such a tough opponent like Mondo,” Wayne said. “Not only that, there is a great history with the OVW heavyweight championship. Many of those that have held this title have gone on to work for the WWE.”

“He is one of the most truest and good hearted people I have ever met,” said Superstar “Smooth” Johnny Spade said on his feelings about Wayne. “He deserves everything he has.”

Another wrestler known as “Paredyse” said “Jason Wayne is nicest guys I have had the pleasure of being in the ring with.”

Don’t be fooled by the pleasantries though. Wayne is a fierce competitor who welcomes all challenges, both inside the ring and the classroom.

The next television taping of OVW is at Davis Arena in Louisville on Oct. 19. They tape again at Davis Arena on Oct. 26.

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Photo: Michael Baldwin/The Louisville Cardinal

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