By Allison Jewell

Governor Andy Beshear, up for reelection next week, visited the Red Barn on the University of Louisville’s campus on Nov. 2 with other democratic candidates and special guest Jack Harlow.

Beshear and His Ticket

With just the two words “Jack Harlow,” hundreds of U of L students flooded the outside of the Red Barn at 11 a.m. in freezing temperatures. 

A crowd of University of Louisville students waiting for Gov. Andy Beshear and Jack Harlow.

Beshear and Harlow made their way to the stage a few minutes past the 11 a.m. start time, along with Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman, State Treasurer candidate Michael Bowman, Attorney General candidate Colonel Pam Stevenson, Agriculture Commissioner candidate Sierra Enlow and First Lady Britainy Beshear.

Coleman took the microphone first, advertising the fact that early voting starts today, Nov. 2. Coleman also mentioned the rideshare company Lyft is offering free rides to the polls with the code ‘earlyvoting.’

Beshear, introduced by Coleman as “the best governor in this country,” started his brief speech with three questions, which were all met with enthusiastic “yeahs!” 

“Are we ready to vote? Are we ready to win? Are you ready to beat Daniel Cameron?” He said.

Beshear said he has helped improve Kentucky economically, including becoming the electric vehicle battery production capital of the United States. He said he has created more jobs and set Kentucky’s lowest annual and monthly unemployment rate.  He also pointed to his work to help build the first hospital in the West End of Louisville in 150 years.

“Our job is to bring prosperity to every part of Kentucky and every neighborhood in this city and to create those big bright futures that each of you all deserve. And we are proud to be the ticket that strongly supports higher education here in Kentucky.” He said.

Before handing the microphone to Harlow, Beshear asked the students if they would commit to vote, followed by another enthused and communal “yeah!”

Louisville rapper Jack Harlow addresses the crowd.

The Jack Harlow Effect

It was clear that the screaming in the crowd was for rap sensation Jack Harlow. When asking other students why they were there, the automatic answer was, “Jack, duh.” It was even more evident when Beshear handed him the microphone. 

Harlow began to describe his relationship with the governor and endorse his character, saying he first got to know Beshear a year ago after getting a call while being on a movie set. From there, the two have stayed in touch and became friends.

“This is a hell of a stand-up guy right here. I think y’all are holding the right signs.” He said.

Harlow wrapped things up with some simple encouragement. 

“I want to encourage everyone out there to get out and vote. You know what to do man.” He said.

The governor took the mic one last time, reminding the crowd that he only won by one and a half votes per precinct and that every vote matters.

As the candidates and Harlow made their way off the stage they were flooded by students asking for handshakes and pictures. Their walk back to the campaign bus was obstructed by students asking to take pictures, but Harlow seemed to enjoy it. 

Voting for the gubernatorial election is officially Tuesday, Nov. 7, but there are early voting days on the 2nd, 3rd, and Nov. 6th. The university’s Student Government Association and Vote Everywhere Initiative are sponsoring shuttles to Freedom Hall to allow students to vote from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. today.

Information for Kentucky voting can be found at this link

File Photos // Allison Jewell/Hevin Ramsey, The Louisville Cardinal