By Eleanor Ferguson

On Tuesday, November 28th drag queens—including several U of L alumni—gathered to perform at U of L’s first annual Drag Brunch, hosted by the LGBT center.

Drag queen Diana Rae hosted, introducing each performer and doing crowd work. For her first number, she came out in a red shawl, which she soon tore away for her first costume reveal: a little orange number underneath the covering.

Costume reveals, a fan favorite, made the entire room roar. She didn’t let up. Diana whipped the crowd into a frenzy when she snatched her wig off, revealing her long braids that she swung around like a weed-whacker in time with the beat as students and faculty alike went mad.

One performer, “Jen,” wore a black jumpsuit with their name in white on the chest. When their number was done, they sat with friends after their first performance and tipped their fellow performers. Some joined her, sitting with friends, waiting for their next number.

Students enjoyed the free brunch—the fancy muffins were the first attraction to go. During intermission, several students who were graduating were recognized in a “rainbow cord” ceremony.

Rebecca Homewrecker, in a drag race-themed jumpsuit, was a crowd favorite.