By Natalie Harris
The University of Louisville’s Department of Classical and Modern Languages is proudly presenting the 30th annual Latin American Film Festival throughout the month of October, in a bid to enhance cultural awareness.
The Latin American Film Festival offers an enlightening showcase of films designed to educate the U of L community on the social, political, and economic contexts from which these movies emerged.
Manuel Medina, the festival’s coordinator, remarked, “The aim is to inform our audience about the realities of the regions these films represent.”
This year’s featured films include Carajita, Seven Dogs, My Emptiness and I, Memories of my Father, Freedom is a Big Word, The Eternal Memory, and My Brothers Dream Awake. Each screening is prefaced with an introduction, helping attendees better understand and connect with the film’s narrative.

A Promotion of Cultural Awareness

The Latin American Film Festival’s primary goal is to amplify the cultural nuances of the Latin American community. The post-screening discussions serve as a conduit for this exchange of perspectives.
“These screenings serve as platforms where students, faculty, staff, and the broader community can come together to share insights and discuss topics that resonate with them. These dialogues enable students and the community at large to engage, interact, and dismantle barriers erected by unfamiliarity with diverse cultures,” said Medina.
For Medina, it’s immensely gratifying to witness the audience’s awakening to the complexities and challenges faced by the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking communities, as illuminated through the post-screening discussions and the films themselves.
Seizing the opportunity to attend the Latin American Film Festival is not just about viewing films, but about immersing oneself in the rich tapestry of the U of L community and celebrating cultural diversity.
The festival will culminate on Thursday, October 26th. For more on events during U of L’s Latinx Heritage Month, click here.