By Daniel Ngongo

In a recent communication from the University of Louisville’s President, significant details about the ongoing Staff Compensation Study were unveiled. Here’s what you need to know.

First Phase Recap

The Staff Compensation Study, as initiated by U of L, was aimed at reviewing job descriptions, creating a market-based wage structure, and initiating career pathways. In its first phase released in July, a groundbreaking compensation structure based on market-competitive pay grades was introduced. Key outcomes of this phase included:

  • Positions benchmarked against market median salaries.
  • Salary adjustments for those below the new pay grade minimums or with supervisor-report compression issues.
  • Roughly 20% of staff saw changes to their pay.

Unveiling the Second Phase

The second phase hones in on two primary categories of staff:

  1. Those with stellar performance records and tenure but with pay lingering below the midpoint for their roles.
  2. Supervisors of student workers, specifically those affected by the recent bump in student-worker hourly wages to $15/hr.

To address these, the University proposed the following:

  • Action 1: For staff starting their role before October 1, 2013 – adjustment to ensure their salary is at least 110% of the pay grade midpoint.
  • Action 2: For those who began between October 2, 2013, and October 1, 2017 – salary adjusted to the pay grade midpoint.
  • Action 3: Supervisors grappling with the recent student wage increase will now receive a minimum of $16.05/hr.

As far as clarifications on the greatest numeric value adjustment, that information is unknown as the University reviews eligibility. Per Executive Director of Communications John Karman, how much money in total has been allocated for this purpose is still to be determined.

The compensation study’s adjustments are separate from any student worker wage increases.

Further Clarifications

For those keen on the intricacies:

  • Adjusted staff won’t qualify for potential cost-of-living increments in the Fiscal Year 2025 budget.
  • The effective date for these salary changes is January 1, 2024. However, the reflection in payroll will be seen in February 2024.
  • If you’re affected, keep an eye on your inbox! Notifications are slated for December 1, 2023.

The Bigger Picture

U of L’s endeavor with this compensation study aligns with its objective to roll out competitive compensation packages in an effort to maintain the best faculty and staff. This move also emphasizes U of L’s commitment to equity, transparency, and market relevance in its pay structures.

While the announcement clarifies many aspects of the compensation study, it’s evident that complex layers are involved. Members of U of L’s United Campus Workers, who protested recently over the study results, were asked to comment on the changes made.

Stay informed and watch this space for more updates on U of L’s initiatives and changes.

File Photo // Hevin Ramsey, The Louisville Cardinal