By Hala Shadeh

Welcome to the fall semester. Fall is officially in the air. You can practically smell the pumpkin spice and feel the cozy vibes. But let’s not forget that it’s also the season where sniffles, sneezes, and coughs make their dreaded return. Nobody’s got time to get sick, especially with the loads of coursework that is about to pile high. So let’s talk about some surefire ways to keep those germs away this autumn.

1. The Almighty Hand Sanitizer:
This liquid gold should be your BFF. Keep it in your car, your bag, and basically within arm’s reach at all times. Use it religiously, especially after touching public surfaces. Those germs are sneaky!

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:
Yeah, you’ve heard it a million times, but it’s legit. Water is basically the body’s own brand of maintenance oil. It helps flush toxins and keeps your immune system in fighting shape. So keep that water bottle handy!

3. Rest:
Sleep is your body’s way of hitting the reset button. Skimping on it is like trying to update your phone with 2% battery life left—it ain’t gonna work. Although it seems impossible some days, aim for at least 7-8 hours to let your body recharge and battle those germs effectively.

4. Exercise:
Before you roll your eyes, hear it out. Exercise isn’t just for those losing weight. Even a moderate 30-minute walk can boost your immune system. Plus, it’s an excellent way to experience the beautiful fall weather.

5. Immunity-Boosting Foods:
We’re talking citrus fruits, garlic, and even dark chocolate (yes, you read that right!). These foods are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that help fortify your immune system.

6. The Flu Shot:
Understandably, nobody likes needles. But this tiny prick can save you a whole world of suffering. Most pharmacies offer them, sometimes for free. It’s a no-brainer, folks.

Drive-Thru Flu Vaccine Clinic. Original public domain image from Flickr

7. Social Distancing:
Social distancing isn’t just a pandemic thing. Keeping a little space can also reduce the risk of catching something. Maybe it’s time to bring back the friendly nod instead of the handshake, at least for a season.

Social Distancing Poster by Matt Turner. Original public domain image from Flickr

There you have it, seven easy-peasy ways to dodge the germy bullet this fall. So go on, live your best autumn life, just do it responsibly and stay healthy!

Photo Courtesy // Flickr