By Joe Wilson —

Dorian Brown and Bryson Sebastian have won their races for president and academic vice president in the Student Government Association (SGA) run-off elections.

According to unofficial results obtained by The Louisville Cardinal, the race for student body president ended with Brown in first with 1,166 votes to Sydney Finley’s 716, creating a margin of 450 votes.

The results for academic vice president are much slimmer. Those show Sebastian coming in first with 908 votes to Kendall Tubbs’ 897, creating a margin of just 11 votes.

The unofficial results also contain the overall turn-out rate for the latest run-off election. Out of the 20,115 students who were eligible to vote, only 1,908 students submitted ballots. This creates a turn-out rate of 9.47 percent.

The results were scheduled to be announced on April 26, but SGA has yet to release the run-off results on its website or social media pages.

According to the SGA website, candidates will have until April 28 to file lawsuits to challenge the results.