UPDATE 1/11/22: K95 masks are available across campus today. A UofL spokesman said they were handing them out beginning late yesterday.

By Anthony Riley–

In response to the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus, the university said it would distribute KN95 masks to all students, staff, and faculty starting Monday Jan. 10. But when the Cardinal searched campus for over an hour–including the Chemistry building, BAB, SAC, Strickler, Ekstrom Library, and the university bookstore– we found no masks.




According to the University’s COVID Health Protocols page, these masks would be available across campus, such as in the libraries, the SAC, SRC, BAB, and the Cultural Center.

Some deliveries of N95 masks to department offices for faculty were successful, with staff and professors receiving their allotted two N95 masks, but these were not to be handed out to students.

One student said that his professor told students not to come to class without a KN95 mask. The student said he was going to class anyways without a KN95 mask because he couldn’t obtain one.

UofL spokesperson John Karman said a shipment of 20,000 masks arrived Monday and were being made available at locations across campus.

As late as 3:30 in the afternoon, front desks across campus did not know when the deliveries of KN95 masks would occur, and were unable to distribute the masks to students.

Photos by Anthony Riley// The Louisville Cardinal