By Nick Mattingly —

Finals week is here at the University of Louisville during a time of uncertainty and social distancing. COVID-19 has placed an immense amount of pressure and stress on students, professors and staff at the university. Hybrid classes have made up most of the semester this fall, and as finals week approaches, the university is shutdown.

This state-wide shutdown reduces resources available to students to help them study for their finals.

“I think that this lockdown couldn’t have come at a worse time,” said U of L sophomore Justin Roberts. “I have never felt the amount of stress I do now, especially with finals around the corner.”

As a sophomore, Roberts has seen how a normal semester functions, and he says that this semester is far from normal.

“All of the university resources are shutdown due to the pandemic, and I rely on some of them to help with my studies. Resources like the University Library, REACH and the Advising Office are some of the things that have helped me every semester, and without the face-to-face access, this semester has been particularly difficult for me,” Roberts said.

However, despite the lack of access to these resources, U of L students are finding new ways to study, in part thanks to the online resources U of L provides.

“I think it’s great the university is at least trying to help students the best they can, junior Alex Gomez said. “Online class meetings aren’t as helpful as face-to-face meetings, but they are better than recorded class sessions. Also, the amount of compassion that has arisen from my professors and them being very flexible with their assignments has helped me a lot.”

U of L is doing the most to help their students in these difficult and scary times. Though not all student resources are currently available, the university is still attempting to give its best services to their students. Students themselves are connecting with others virtually and using all the available technology to pass all of their exams this semester.

“I think with campus being shutdown, many are relying on their study groups, online lecture slides and e-mailing their professors with any unanswered questions before their finals come around. These troubling times are hard on everyone, not just the students at this university,” Gomez said.

Finals week, along with an online winter graduation, are all right around the corner. As students scramble to their computers and textbooks, the university is doing all they can to help their students and gift their graduating students their diplomas with the highest amount of celebration they can give them.

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal