Writer Matthew Keck wrote some advice on what to do while people are isolated at home and practicing social distancing.

By Matthew Keck — 

Socially distancing yourself may seem like a monotonous and mind-numbing task, but it doesn’t have to be boring. During these trying times, there are plenty of things one can do to stay productive and occupied.


If there were ever a time where binge watching YouTube for hours was acceptable, it would be now. But you can turn this into a more productive activity.

Instead of watching someone vlogging in Los Angeles or New York City living their wonderful lives, try out tutorials or educational videos. From Ted talks to learning about photography, there is bound to be an informational video out there for everyone.

This turns an activity that is normally unacceptable into one that keeps you busy but also leaves you with new skills.


Clear out your fridge, get rid of that sweatshirt you never wear and reorganize your home space. All of these can be relaxing and are productive.

Getting rid of unnecessary things may just be what we all need to help alleviate some stress in our lives right now. And it doesn’t hurt to make some money while selling the clothes you’re getting rid of.

If you’re going to be stuck in the same place for an extended period of time, it doesn’t hurt to change up the scenery. Plus, this is a great way to take your looming mind off of what’s happening outside.


Summer is still right around the corner, so this isn’t the time to start slacking off. Instead, with seemingly more time, amp up your exercise routine but just stay away from the gym.

Chances are your home space is big enough to do bodyweight workouts or you can introduce a new type of exercise. Combining this and YouTube, introducing yoga would be ideal. It doesn’t require a large space to perform the exercises and you’ll have a new workout to love.

Stay Connected

Most importantly during these isolating times, stay connected with the ones you love. It can be easy to think that this pandemic will secede soon, but it doesn’t hurt to call the ones you care about.

Almost everyone has smartphones or computers now, so Facetiming or Skyping is not farfetched. At the very least, text your closest friends and family every day just to see how they’re doing.

This can also benefit yourself, knowing that you aren’t alone.

With boredom bound to set in, try some of these activities out and stave away that feeling as long as you can. You might just come out of this pandemic a little more emotionally, physically and mentally stronger.

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal