President Bendapudi receives 12 percent raise

By Matthew Keck–

The University of Louisville Board of Trustees decided May 9 that President Neeli Bendapudi will receive a 12 percent raise. They came to this agreement after her one-year evaluation.

Bendapudi’s salary will raise from $650,000 to $725,000. Along with that, her guaranteed bonus of $130,000 will increase to $150,000. Trustee Raymond Burse said this raise was more than due.

Bendapudi’s current salary places her in the top 25 of large public research universities. Her increase moves her into to the top 15. The new salary is $2,000 less than University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto’s.

The Board of Trustees unanimously agreed upon this increase. Trustees believe this raise shows U of L’s focus is on academics first. Vice chairman James Rogers said that U of L should invest in their best, like Bendapudi.

SGA president Jonathan Fuller was in favor of the increase but also suggested that they find a way to increase faculty and staff salaries as well. The approval of a tuition increase would help the faculty and staff receive a 2 percent increase in salary.

Discussion of Bendapudi’s increase came after a united and complimentary one-year evaluation of her. Trustees praised her proactive work ethic and the positivity she brings to the university.

Trustee John Smith said that the differences with Bendapudi in charge are night and day. Krista Wallace-Boaz and Fuller commended Bendapudi on her efforts to meet with all members of the shared governance at U of L. Board members noted how she has been a new light for U of L during their dark times and it makes for a promising future for the university and Bendapudi.

The 12 percent increase in Bendapui’s salary will be effective July 1, 2019.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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