By Matthew Keck —

The University of Louisville Police Department released an update for the end of the 2018-2019 academic year. The updates were on the Cardinal Cruiser, emergency management, the Gheens Foundation, the Health Sciences Center and the Physical security coordinator.

They said the Cardinal Cruiser program will take effect on May 1. The services provided will be from dusk until dawn and seven days a week. This will be ULPD’s new safety escort system.

Mindy Christian was appointed the new emergency manager for the Department of Public Safety. She will be in charge of crisis management, emergency planning and preparation and designing tabletop and full-scale exercises said the ULPD update.

With regards to the Gheens Foundation, ULPD is looking to increase police presence on campus, improve surveillance and enhance their Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) self-defense course.

ULPD reported that they generated positive numbers of proactive assistance calls to the HSC campus and reduced potential incidents with their increased visibility. These positive results allow them to hire more officers and increase their presence on the HSC campus.

Kayla Matola was added as the new physical security coordinator. ULPD views technology and security risk assessments as a focal point for improving their security-related practices at U of L.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal