March 27, 2019

Meet President-elect Jasper Noble

By Gabriel Wiest — 

The University of Louisville’s Student Government Association announced Jasper Noble as the 2019 President-elect.

Noble is a junior political science and history double major at U of L. Noble started his career with SGA as a task force freshman before continuing on to the student senate his sophomore year.

His first presidential initiative is to make a website similar to Rate My Professor for off-campus housing. The proposal is to help hold landlords accountable, as well as giving students a voice when it comes to the issues that come with living off campus.

“We don’t really have that kind of open forum where students can kind of air grievances  that everybody will see, so I think that can make the off-campus community safer, it could make it more accessible and we could make sure that we are getting the very best possible options on campus,” said Noble.

He explained the new administration is enthusiastic about moving forward and hearing new ideas from students.

Every role in the executive top four has their own set duties. It is important that the team works cohesively.

Noble will work with Executive Vice President-elect Kayla Payne, Services Vice President-elect Lydia Burns, and Academic Vice President-elect Sabrina Collins.

“I think this team is really showing up to be exceptional. I am in the president’s role, and then there are three really strong, very powerful women that are going to be fulfilling their roles. They are going to be taking initiatives and really making change, which I think is going to be great,” said Noble.

The SGA President is a liaison between campus administration and the student body. The  president also holds a position in the Board of Trustees.

Noble said, “Before I even set foot in a room I want to make sure I have read every single relevant document, I want to know the legal context, I want to know the financial context, I want to know the student opinion on all these different things so preparation is the first thing I want to do.”

Their induction will be held May 11.

Photo by Gabriel Wiest / The Louisville Cardinal

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