By Kyla Thomas —

Kappa Sigma, Kappa Delta and Alpha Omicron joined with the PEACC Center to host “Every Kiss Begins With K,” an event on consent prior to Valentine’s Day.  

“The whole premise of this workshop is let college students talk about relationship abuse,” said PEACC spokesperson LaMont Johnson. Before the discussion, a film called “Escalation” was played.

It followed the abusive relationship between a college couple. The movie showed some signs of an abusive relationship including extreme possessiveness, threatening to hurt oneself, deleting things from their phone and much more.

Both characters ultimately dismissed the behavior and eventually our female protagonist broke off the abusive relationship.

Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, her now ex-boyfriend broke into her house to talk, ending with the female protagonist’s death by her boyfriends hand.

The movie sent emotions through the audience resulting in a great conversation.

Freshman Daisy Tompkins said, “I felt like the film was a true depiction of how college relationships can be.”

“Couples only post the nice things on social media. In the film, their friends encouraged them and just belittled his behavior to being intense. It really shined a light how in our current age this barbaric behavior is still happening.”

Johnson reminded the audience about the importance of speaking up.

“When in an abusive relationship make sure to have a plan. Come to the PEACC Center so we can work out a plan together to get you out of that situation, and someplace safe,” Johnson said.

Johnson also made sure that everyone knew that abuse was not just a burden held by women.

“I want everyone to know that this doesn’t just affect women. One in four men are in an abusive relationship, and they need help just as much as the next person. Abuse isn’t going to just end with people helping women. It’s gonna end with people helping men as well.”

If  you or anyone you know might be suffering from an abusive relationship, the PEACC Center can be found on the third floor of the Student Activities Center and the National Sexual Assault Hotline is 1-800-656-4673.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal