By Gabriel Wiest —

Two RAVE alerts were sent the first week of school when two students were robbed and one of them sexually assaulted at University Pointe and Card Towne Apartments.

“I figured something like this would happen.” said Ben Blumeier, a junior civil engineering major staying in University Pointe. “No one locks their doors in the building and I don’t know why.”

“With there only being one entrance that’s in an inconvenient spot for some of the residents, obviously people are gonna prop the side doors open so the fact that people who don’t belong in there get in isn’t a shock to me.”

The sexual assault case caused heightened concern among female students.

According to university police, the suspect gained unlawful entry into the apartment and showed a weapon.

“As a girl, it’s important to feel safe, and comfortable when walking around campus. When I was informed of a sexual assault robbery I thought it was terrible and it just reminds us girls to take extra precaution while walking at night,” said Elizabeth Hall, freshman criminal justice major staying in the Unitas dormitory.

“Since I live in the area where the assault happened it just made me feel very unsafe, especially when I’m walking by myself,” said Isabella Cross, a senior sociology major. “I really hope that this incident will cause more focus on safety in the areas surrounding campus since those are also spaces that students occupy.”

White said, “When they just said [someone was] sexually assaulted, it wasn’t specific or anything or to like the degree, so I didn’t know how serious to take the situation. I thought the announcement sent out was somewhat vague.”

These events have caused students to be more cautious with their own security measures.

“After recent events I’ve started to lock the door all the time, and I’ve tried to be more conscious of holding the door open for people coming in and out of the building.” said Jaclyn Aldridge, a junior english major who stays in Cardinal Towne.

When it comes to the prevention of these events the university is expanding patrols along with reinforcing security measures that were supposed to be set in place.

“It sucks that people lost some stuff but I’m not surprised that it happened,” Blumeier said. “I’m sure people will start locking their doors now. But after a few months they’ll probably go back to normal.”

Since the two incidents, ULPD has actively been working with Louisville Metro Police Department to aprehend the suspect.

ULPD has obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect and asks that if you have any information or see anything suspiscious to please call ULPD at (502)852-6111.

Chief  Gary D. Lewis Jr., of ULPD, reminds students to stay alert, make sure all doors and windows are locked and secured.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal