November 28, 2018

Campus Health Promotion

By Carley Williamson — 

University of Louisville students may be surprised to learn about the long list of services provided by U of L Health Promotion. Program coordinator Riece Hamilton believes most students aren’t aware of the plethora of free or low-cost workshops provided.

Hamilton and student health advocate leaders work to represent student audiences with a wide range of needs. Their topics range from stress resilience, nutrition and cooking, sexual health and relationships, fitness and movement, the importance of sleeping and napping, consent and more.

Health advocate leader Dylan Martin, said Health Promotion works hard to attract and serve all students by, “providing programs and services throughout the week that are consistent and always available.”

Students can take advantage of these services in between classes since they are provided in alternating locations around campus and are designed to serve the lifestyle of busy Cards.

Martin said Health Promotion supports well-being on the go.

“[We offer] services such as 30-minute Chair Massages in the SAC and SRC, free HIV-Testing, and Relax & Refocus sessions,” he said.

Alexis Kiaurakis, a health advocate leader, says Health Promotion is particularly beneficial to new U of L students who may still be transitioning to their new college experience.

“The programs that help stress resilience are beneficial to all students, but especially those who are still adapting to a new lifestyle. Health Promotion also makes students feel welcomed and brings a feeling of connectedness,” Kiaurakis said.

Health Promotion serves its goal of supporting and connecting students on campus by hosting an “Alternate Thanksgiving” on Nov. 20, to serve and affirm the identities of LGBTQ+ students that may not have supporting families to celebrate holidays with. Students are encouraged to “come as you are.”

Hamilton said connecting with students can happen outside of the programs provided by Health Promotion. Staff are always prepared to drop what they are doing to assist students in crisis.

“This is what we are here for,” she said.

Students are encouraged to walk into the Health Promotion office to decompress, seek counseling, meditation aide or simply a friendly face to talk to.

When asked about her favorite Health Promotion program, Hamilton said she is partial to the Condoms and Candy event, created by staff in Health and Relationship programming.

“Students ask a ‘sexpert’ anonymous questions about sex and relationships,” Hamilton said.

She said it is a great way for her department to stay informed about the sexual climate on campus.

The one-hour long event can be requested by students at any time, just like many other programs offered by Health Promotion. The U of L Health Promotion website has direct links for students to request resources and programs, which can be requested by student groups, classrooms or residence halls.

Programs delivered by Health Promotion have handouts and other items to give to the audience.

Students are not limited to existing programs. New programs can be requested at any time and the Health Promotion staff will work with students to create a suitable program that suits the student group’s particular needs.

Hamilton wants students to know the easiest way to take advantage of the benefits of Health Promotion is by signing up for “Wellbeing Quickies.”

Students can email [email protected] to be put on Health Promotion’s Listserv and allow the department to send short bi-weekly highlights of information and events.

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