September 19, 2018

Brief: Recently appointed trustee not eligible for position



Newly-appointed trustee Kevin Fuqua is ineligible to join the board because he has a close relative working at the university, U of L’s board chair announced Sept. 18.

Governor Matt Bevin appointed both Fuqua and Dr. Fred Williams to the Board of Trustees Sept. 6.

Board Chairman David Grissom sent an email notifying other members a day ahead of their upcoming committee meetings Sept. 19.

In the email Grissom outlined KRS 164.830 and 164.001(20) which specifically eliminates Fuqua because a relative works at the university.

Grissom said he has “made the governor aware of this situation and asked him to fill the vacancy as soon as possible.”

The empty board seat was originally vacated by John Schnatter, who was put in the hot seat after it was reported he used a racial slur on a conference call.

The other open seat had belonged to Brian Comer, an attorney for Stites & Harbison. His firm is part of an ongoing lawsuit against former U of L Foundation members. Comer resigned in July.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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