By Sam Combest —


The U of L Board of Trustees voted Aug. 27 to approve Beth Boehm as provost and Tom Hoy as vice president of strategy and general counsel.

Boehm has been serving as interim Provost since Dale Billingsley stepped down from the position in April.

Boehm received her bachelor of arts from Georgetown University, and her Masters and PhD in English from Ohio State University where she was also a Teachers Assistant prior to working at U of L.

Boehm has worked at U of L since 1987. She taught English as an associate professor for 12 years before moving to administrative roles in 2008.

Boehm previously held the positions of vice provost for graduate affairs and dean for the school of interdisciplinary and graduate studies.

Hoy also worked with the board of trustees as interim counsel before his approval.

Hoy is a partner with Louisville Dinsmore & Shohl LLP. Hoy received his Bachelor of Arts from Vanderbilt University where he also Received his Law Degree after getting his Maters from Emory University.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal