Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

Postel honored at Grawemeyer reception

By Roufia Saleh —

A May 14 public reception at Grawemeyer Hall saw more than 50 faculty and administrators honor U of L Interim President Greg Postel for his service.

“It’s been a big challenge but I actually like the work. There were more good memories than bad,” Postel said.

Postel said he looks forward to the next chapter in his career as executive vice president for health affairs, where he will focus directly on medical issues.

 “When you’re in this job you have to move around and focus on so many different topics. You can’t really spend too much time on anything. Some of the matters down there that need to be dealt with are going to require a lot of time,” Postel said  of his health sciences role.

Provost Dale Billingsley commended Postel for his work as president.

“He has not only been successful but he has a genius for the kind of work that needs to be done. He’s been an amazing leader and I’ve been very fortunate to be right next to him. I cannot imagine somebody who could’ve done a better job.”

Billingsley said he is optimistic about the impact the incoming president Neeli Bendapudi will have.

“She has a load of experience. I think she will be very well prepared to do the work that we have to do, and Dr. Postel has worked very hard to make sure the transition was easy and smooth, so I expect we’ll do well,” he said.

Philosophy professor Avery Kolers also recognized Postel’s accomplishments in office.

“He came into an extremely difficult situation and did at least as well as anybody could’ve hoped,” Kolers said

Kolers said he looks forward to Bendapudi’s presidency, but was still concerned about the search process.

“I think it’s still worth saying the process for hiring her was unacceptable. I certainly hope for the best and they seem like they did a good job getting a good person, but the process that’s so secret and closed bodes ill for the way the trustees want to see the university going,” Kolers said. “There was zero faculty involvement and almost zero student and staff involvement.”

Bendapudi begins tomorrow, May 14.

Photo by Joseph Lyell / The Louisville Cardinal

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