April 17, 2018

U of L moves to dynamic ticket pricing

By Bailey Campagna —

The University of Louisville Athletic Association hope to see game attendance increase by changing the way tickets are priced. ULAA passed a proposal on tickets at the April 13 meeting.

Assistant Athletic Director Jeff Spoelker recommended U of L adopt dynamic pricing to give more people an opportunity to attend a game.

“After some internal discussion we decided to try some dynamic pricing,” he said. “We’re trying to boost attendance for games that are not as well attended.”

Spoelker said exhibition games and regular season games will be $49. Non-conference games will be $39, and three premium games will be $60.

“Right now we have two exhibition games at $49 each, and 10 conference games at $49 each,” Spoelker said.

He said the university will not hold the Minardi Classic this year.

“As we’ve said Minardi Classic we’re not holding that anymore. Instead we’ll have a non-conference schedule with teams to be announced later at a later date,” he said. “Right now we have three games scheduled at the $39 price point.”

Athletic Director Vince Tyra said student ticket prices will remain flat.

“One thing to note here is that student ticket prices will remain flat,” Tyra said. “$138 for a season ticket will stay the same.”

Tyra said students will now be able to purchase basketball and football season tickets separately after meeting with SGA about student concerns.

“Students had a concern about having to buy their multi-pack student football and basketball tickets at the same time in the spring just from the financial side,” Tyra said. “We’ll start selling season ticket for football and basketball separately in the spring.”

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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