By Staff —

Best place to sleep — Ekstrom Library, fourth floor chairs: There’s plenty of room to curl up in these secluded seats. The quiet atmosphere of the library makes for the perfect place to snooze between study sessions.

Honorable mention: Your car

Best bathroom — Grawemeyer Hall, ground floor: There’s a little couch, a long, gilded mirror. It really feels like you should be wearing a suit when you use it. Students don’t have classes in Grawmeyer, so it’s sure to be a private experience. If bathrooms are anything to go by, U of L really takes care of administrators.

Honorable mention — Music School, by the freight elevator

Best place to chill outside — Schneider Hall Fountain: This place passes all benchmarks. It’s got the shade, the seating, the seclusion and the scenery. It’s a little out of the way from the main campus walkways, so it’s easy to find a place to sit most days.

Honorable mention — Benches outside of Bingham Humanities Building

Best place to chill inside — Ekstrom Library, basement: If you can grab one of the few seats by the steps of the library basement, you’ll be  in luck. If you’re studying or meeting with a group, you can assume you’ll have pretty much the whole area to yourself.

Honorable mention: Business School booths

Best place to meet dogs — The Quad: If you stand near the Cardinal logo on the ground near the Bingham Humanities Building, you’ll find furry companions walking past with relative frequency. I’ve even seen a pig on a leash out there.

Honorable mention — The Red Barn, courtyard

Photos by Arry Schofield / Featured Graphic by Mitchell Howes / The Louisville Cardinal