April 14, 2018

Red defeats White 42-13: Spring game notes

By Dalton Ray —

Football’s spring game ended in a 42-13 victory for the Red Team. Let’s look at some of the takeaways.

Puma versus Cunningham

Redshirt sophomore Jawon Pass led the Red Team to the victory, throwing for 342 yards and three touchdowns on 26-for-37 passing. Redshirt freshman Malik Cunningham threw for 117 yards on 14-of-18 with a touchdown and added 62 yards on the ground.

The biggest difference between the two is playing style, both as a player and the offenses.

Pass is a more traditional quarterback allowing for more of  a pro-style offense. The Red Team doubled the White Team in passing and is more in tune to a Bobby Petrino offense.

Cunningham is a mobile quarterback and the offense resembled a simpler version of the one ran under Lamar Jackson.

Backfield trouble

Last spring, Louisville faced a slew of injuries in the backfield and this season is no different.

Redshirt sophomore Dae Williams, redshirt junior Trey Smith and sophomore Colin Wilson (the three anticipated leading rushers) did not play due to injury. This led to redshirt sophomore Tobias Little and redshirt freshman Maurice Burkley to receive 13 carries each.

Little ran for 77 yards and ripped off a 28-yard run, the longest of the game. Burkley finished with 26 yards.

Louisville’s backfield heath is a big concern as Pass will need help in the running game in order for the offense to be successful.

Dez Fitzpatrick: Still good at football

Fitzpatrick finished last season with eight receiving touchdowns, the most for a freshman in school history. Senior Jaylen Smith might be the most experienced receiver, but Fitzpatrick is a magnet when the ball is in the air.

The redshirt sophomore finished with 174 yards and two touchdowns on eight receptions.

The receiver position is deep for U of L — Smith, junior Seth Dawkins, redshirt sophomore Keion Wakefield, redshirt junior Emonee Spence — but Fitzpatrick could become the favorite due to his ability to play the ball in the air.

Photos by Nancy Hanner / The Louisville Cardinal

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