By Sam Carbonne —

As it turns out, cereal is not the best driving food.

Accommodating a healthy diet with a chaotic schedule can be difficult. Whether you are a busy professional, an always-late-to-class student or a sleep deprived parent, it is important to find time to eat.  The internet is full of recommendations on the easiest driver-friendly foods but fails to suggest the healthy options.

To be clear, a driver-friendly food must be easy to eat with one hand, is not smelly, does not require refrigeration and is not sticky, crumbly, or generally messy.  While any sane person would prefer a delicious, deep-fried, two-pound turkey leg, the following foods may be healthier and more practical.


Filling, chewy, salty and high in protein. This is an excellent staple to your apocalyptic emergency pack but be sure to tailor in the time it takes to chew this treat.


This food comes in its own eco-friendly wrapper, so it practically throws itself away.

Baby carrots

When in need of something crunchy with the slightest hint of sweet, pack these bad boys. It meets the conditions, but then again, tasty is a subjective word.

Dried fruit, nuts and seeds

These are the easiest snacks to squirrel away. Plus, if they get stuck in the seat cushions they do not crumble. So really they are just snacks for later.

Granola bars or protein bars

When candy bars are no longer allowed in your diet, these suckers are clutch. Just beware. Some granola and protein bars are crumble-central.

Fruit snacks

If you have kids, you already have these. Gummies are a great way to fuel up on fruit and trick yourself into thinking you are having junk food.

If you are constantly on the go, trying to stay true to your diet and wanting to keep your car clean, these are tested and approved snacks.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal