By Kimmie Schmidt —

Whether you’re just finishing up your freshman year or you’re graduating, college is stressful for everyone. But which year seems more stressful?

“I like senior year a lot better than freshman year because it’s a lot more relaxed now that you are almost done, and you can see how your hard work is paying off. I felt freshman year was a lot more stressful because you are in a new environment and so worried about doing well, but as a senior you stop really caring,” Matt Keeling, senior at Bellarmine University said.

“They both had their positives and negatives, but I would say senior year. By that time I had a really solid friend groups and we had a lot of fun together before we graduated. Looking back, I think you see college really was some of the best times of your life. I think I was starting to be aware of the fact this season of my life was about to be over and I should enjoy it while I can,”Ashley Foxworth, University of Georgia alumni said.

“Senior year for sure, because I knew more people in my classes, knew the professors better. I was taking core classes that I chose specifically to get the information I wanted to help me in my career,”Aleeza Gardner, University of Louisville alumni said.

“Freshman, because it’s a fresh and exciting start to a new part of life. And also senior year you’re just ready to be done,” Jonathan Crain, senior at Boyce College said.

These are just a couple of people who responded, but the majority stated their senior year was or is the best for them.

Coming in as freshman is nerve-wracking for anyone and you’re scared you won’t make any friends. You’re also trying to find yourself and where you fit in which adds even more stress on top of the school work you’re already doing.

“I would just say to get involved and talk to your professors,” Gardner said.

This is great advice for any situation, whether you’re going into college or even getting a new job. Get to know the people around you and get involved in whatever ways that you can.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal