By Taylor Webster —

“Love, Simon” is truly groundbreaking. Tears, laughter and anger are just some of the emotions this movie elicited from the crowd. To be honest, when my friends suggested seeing this movie, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. I’m not the romantic comedy type. However, I was happily surprised.

The movie focuses on a high school senior Nick Robinson who has been struggling with coming out as gay.

Another boy from his school anonymously comes out and Simon finds the confidence to anonymously contact him through email. A situation arises when Simon is blackmailed in order to be set up with his female friend. Eventually, Simon is outed and the whole school knows he is gay.

Although students and administrators from Simon’s school condemn the homophobic behavior and words used in school, it still affects Simon. Simon was lucky his family and closest friends accepted him for who he was and just wanted him to be happy.

The movie is an emotional roller-coaster full of real world problems.

Although this movie is about a boy struggling with his sexual identity, gay or not, this is a relatable story because we all to some degree have struggled with our identity.