By Joseph Lyell —

Jonathan Fuller has been elected president of the SGA for the 2018-19 school year and his running mate, Mariana Juarez won executive vice president.

Fuller’s sole opponent in the race was AJ Walters, who took 46 percent of the vote, and Juarez ran against Curtis McCoy and Elshadai Smith-Mensah.

The poll had a 15 percent response rate among students, with 3,125 participants. This number fell short of last year’s record turnout, which saw over 3,800 voters.

Lazaro Munoz won the vote for academic vice president, and Wyatt Harris was elected as services vice president.

Here are the rest of the election winners:

College of Arts and Siences

President – Lydia Burns

Vice President – Rachel Benzing

Senators – Kayla Payne, Sabrina Collins, Catherine Hale, Anne Marie Fetick, Zach Pennington, Milan Doan, Dennis Mashindi, Katie Rose Schmucker

College of Business

President – Nicole Smith

Vice President – Molly Baldock

Senators – Kendall Ruber, Will Baird, Eric Bush

School of Nursing

President – Sarah Cohron

Vice President – Andrew Beiersdorfe

Senator – Sarah Heitzman

College of Education

President – Dion Copeland

Senator – Logan Frederick

Senator – Matthew Woodard

School of Music

President – Spencer Hawkins

Vice President – Kayla Goodman

School of Social Work

Senator – Kayla Ray

School of Public Health

President – Rebecca Myers

Vice President – Molly Ambs

Graduate Student Council

President – Kelsey Kaht

Director of Communications – Sahar Goharshenasanesfahani

Director of Finance – Fadoua Khmaissa

Vice President of External Affairs – Gabrielle Read Jasnoff

Senator at Large – Luis Cardona Olarte

Senator at Large – Drew Skidmore


Photo by Arry Schofield / The Louisville Cardinal