By Conner Chalfont —

U of L closed for two days following inclement weather at the beginning of the semester. With course schedules delayed, the university has extended the drop/add deadline for courses to Wednesday, Jan. 24.

Louisville student Patrick Swazy said the missed days benefited his schoolwork.

“It gave me a chance to fully catch up and allowed me to get all my books and get more prepared,” Swazy said.

Many students were not as welcoming of the snow however.

“As a commuter, snow storms are always challenging and a struggle, but it never stopped me from going to school. It’s just a bit harder,” Minho Lee said.

Lee said this doesn’t mean the change in scheduling hurts his performance in school.

“Academically, it wasn’t either beneficial or not beneficial, it was about the same for me. I hate it personally because I hate cold weather,” he said.

Freshman Carleigh O’Neal was happy about the snow.

“It was beneficial academically for me, since I’m taking the majority of my classes online,” O’Neal said.

She said she had a few extra days to get ahead, which made being stuck inside not such a bad thing.

Graduate student Hannah Hancock said she was able to get ahead on her schoolwork for the first time in her college career.

“I caught up so quickly because the semester had barely begun and I didn’t have much to do,” Hancock said.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal