By Megan Brewer — 

The Nine apartments flooded due to cold temperatures and busted pipes on Dec. 29. The flooding affected approximately 67 students.

Associate Director of Residential Life Justin Leibowitz said 20 to 30 students are still residing elsewhere.

“About three days after the flood affected other rooms, I got a call saying our room had started to flood and we needed to stop using water and be prepared to move everything out,” junior Bradey Farris said.

Farris lives on the third floor of The Nine and was moved to The Arch apartments after the flooding in his apartment.

Students were moved to other apartments within The Nine that weren’t damaged from flooding, properties managed by Campus Housing and two local hotels–The Hilton Garden Inn and Crowne Plaza.

“We are now living in The Arch across campus and The Nine is paying for it all while reimbursing us a little extra for the hassle,” Farris said.

The Nine is working on getting students back to their rooms as they become ready.

“It will vary by room, meaning the answer will vary across students. Some students have returned to their apartments already. Unfortunately, some students have been unable to return to their apartment,”  Leibowitz said.

Leibowitz said The Nine is still responding to flooding and the damage it caused.

Updated Jan. 25, 10:20 a.m.

Photo by Hallie Striby / The Louisville Cardinal