January 8, 2018

Campus reminds students of cold weather procedures

By Megan Brewer —

As the spring semester begins and the winter weather rolls in, there are procedures for inclement weather.

Severe weather can cause frozen pipes and U of L sent an email with tips from American Red Cross listing ways to prevent this.

The tips include keeping garage doors shut if there are exposed pipes and keeping cabinet doors with pipes open so the pipes are exposed to the warm air.

American Red Cross suggested keeping cold water dripping in faucets to prevent pipes from freezing overnight. Along with this, it’s important to keep temperatures in the home the same during the day and at night, and not turning the heat lower than 55 F if no one is home.

Students should prepare themselves for walking to classes in the cold weather. Preparing for the weather means checking the weather before leaving the house and dressing appropriately.

In some cases, students should choose to wear layers and boots if possible.

If long-term exposure to the cold or water happens, there are symptoms of hypothermia and frostbite that should be watched for.

The symptoms of hypothermia according to American Red Cross include dizziness, confusion, exhaustion and severe shivering while the symptoms of frostbite include skin discoloration that’s white, gray or yellow, numbness and waxy feeling skin.

If morning classes are canceled or delayed the notice will be sent out by 5:30 a.m. and evening classes by 3 p.m. via text or email from U of L Rave alerts.

Information can also be found on the university website, by calling 502-852-5555 and on U of L’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Issues involving severe weather can be reported to campus housing at 502-852-6636. For emergencies contact ULPD at 502-852-6111.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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