By Joseph Lyell —

The results from the campus climate survey issued to staff and faculty last fall have been published. Alongside the 2017 results, the results from 2014’s survey were also published for the first time.

“The previous administration did not like the results and did not want them released,” university spokesperson John Karman said about the old survey data.

Hundreds of anonymous comments were provided by participants. The university is in the process of organizing these comments according to common themes and will release an executive summary by the end of January.

The survey was crafted to identify “problem areas” the university can address and ensure U of L’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is being fulfilled. Multiple reminder emails were sent in the fall semester to encourage participation in the survey.

Vice Provost for Diversity and International Affairs Mordean Taylor-Archer will develop action plans for problem areas within 90 days.

A feedback form is on the Office of Diversity and International Affairs’ website allowing for comments about the survey and its findings.

“I want to thank everyone for their help in identifying areas of success, as well as our opportunities for improvement. I also wish to thank all members of our community—faculty, staff, students, and alumni—who work hard every day to ensure the continued growth and success of the University of Louisville,” Postel said in November.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal