September 21, 2017

White nationalist flyers discovered on campus

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By Kyeland Jackson —

Again, white nationalist flyers were found on campus this year.

University spokesperson John Karman said the flyers, attempting to recruit university students to be a “U of L identitarian”, were found this morning. The Courier-Journal first reported the news. Similar flyers promoting the traditionalist workers’ party were found earlier this year, removed from campus after students voiced concerns.

“For all those who feel alone in caring about the future of European people and the preservation of European culture, you are not alone,” the flyer read. “At U of L, political intimidation for caring about your own people may seem rampant, but no longer must you stay silent.”

In an email to the university, Interim President Greg Postel said the flyers concerned underrepresented people on campus.

“Groups that attempt to separate us have no place at the University of Louisville,” Postel’s statement said. “We have built a well-deserved reputation as a safe, welcoming home for all our students, faculty and staff, and we will continue to work to sustain that respect and support among our community.”

Karman said university police are investigating who posted the flyers. The incident follows another racially-charged allegation this July, when an effigy dressed in black was found hanging from a tree across the street from U of L’s social work school.

“The University of Louisville celebrates inclusiveness and diversity, and we won’t be fazed by outside forces that try to divide us,” Karman said today in a statement.

Kenny Brown, U of L’s Interim Chief of Police, was unavailable at the time of this post.

This story will be updated.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

1 thought on “White nationalist flyers discovered on campus

  1. Are other groups promoting race specific pride denounced and disbanded? Go to the U of L school organization page and there’s literally a group called “Stop White Privilege.” I don’t support any group that takes pride in a certain skin color, but U of L would be remissed if they didn’t acknowledge their bias against white students.

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