By Roya Fathalizadeh–

Twenty-one-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter, Ashton Simmonds, known formally by his stage name, Daniel Caesar, has captured the pure essence of raw emotion through his latest album, “Freudian.”

His captivating voice, paired with gospel melodies, broadcast his versatility. It’s hard not to be blown away by his ability to fill the fractures of a room with pure sentiment.

Caesar has been known to transmute older songs into works of his own. “Freudian” contains several versions of gospel songs made in the past and on his previous album, “Pilgrims Paradise,” he delivers his rendition of “Street Lights” by Kanye West.

What sets Caesar apart from other up and coming artists is his consideration for music from genres across the board. His gift to be able to administer a falsetto mimics artists like Miguel and The Weeknd, making him diverse in the path that he takes through his musical journey.

His abstract album covers stand as a representation of the temperament that he tries to illustrate through his lyrics. “Freudian’s” incorporation of artists such as Syd, the lead singer of “The Internet,” H.E.R. and Kali Uchis also help convey the story.

“Freudian’s” melodies perfectly intertwine with smooth transitions from soul to rhythm and blues. Each song captures Caesar’s true capability to captivate you, make you stop what you’re doing, and just listen. With every word, you are embraced by his affection, something that is almost therapeutic.

Caesar not only sings about the feelings that we at times cannot put into words, but he sets the tone and ambiance for serenity and acceptance. Overall, “Freudian” is breathtaking, passionate, and something that we have not seen from even the most well-known artists in a while.

It’s safe to say that Daniel Caesar is one of many artists to demonstrate the new wave of R&B/Soul artists striving to be the voice of a diverse, insightful generation.