By Briana Williams–

A growing number of students are choosing to live on or near campus. As the student population increases, U of L’s reputation as a commuter school diminishes. Even those who call Louisville home are choosing to settle closer to campus.

Over the years, U of L has acquired many affiliated housing options for students to consider. They all feature amenities like a private bedroom and bathroom, an in-unit washer and dryer, free Wifi and a kitchen, so choosing a place comes down to the small details and overall living style. They all have their pros and cons and The Cardinal has broken them down for each.

The Nine: The Nine, recently opened in fall 2016. The Nine’s location is one of the most ideal, being only a five-minute walk from the SAC. The amenities in the building are plenty and the modern complex and furnishings make for a great living space. Plus, the rooms are spacious and there are plenty of options of floor plans.

Still, it does have many inconveniences. The Nine features the most expensive parking of any of the affiliated apartments. Residents must pay a hefty $99 a month to park in the garage. Free parking is available on the streets, but this isn’t the closest option and may not be the safest either.

The Nine also advertised Bluetooth speakers for all of its units, but some still don’t have them and others have ones that simply don’t work.

The Retreat: If you really want to feel like an adult without actually having to buy furniture, The Retreat is the way to go. They include cottage-style homes that come in many different colors and floor plans. They are in walking distance to campus, but it isn’t the shortest walk (it takes about 20 minutes to get to the SAC).

The parking is great since each cottage includes a space for its occupants in front of it. However, the security at The Retreat leaves little to be desired. The tower that all students must use to walk to The Retreat is usually left open and unattended so that pretty much anyone can walk in.

To drive to The Retreat, residents have to deal with the new speed bumps that force drivers to move at five miles an hour in order to avoid messing up their car. Its list of amenities, though, is impressive even among the other affiliates. It includes a sand volleyball court, TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses, indoor basketball court, cabanas and hammocks and the largest amount of green space out of all the affiliates.

The Province: The Province is one of the largest affiliate housing options. The Province impresses residents with its cheaper prices, but its competitive edge ends there. It pales in comparison to other affiliates. The rooms include the basics that everyone needs, but the lack of modernity that some other affiliates have. The parking is decent though and residents can usually park fairly close to their apartments.

There is, however, a stronger sense of community within The Province than at other affiliates. Events, parties and general casual gatherings happen a lot at its clubhouse, which features an impressive movie room.

The Bellamy: The furthest affiliate from campus is The Bellamy. It’s unique and nice buildings are eye-catching from the road. The rooms are nice and the bathrooms are larger than other affiliates, but the walk to campus is much further than other housing options. The Bellamy does offer a bus that takes its residents to campus, but if you happen to miss it or its after bus hours, it can take nearly 30 minutes to walk to or from the SAC.

The Bellamy also has an on-site convenience store, something the other affiliates don’t have. And, for students looking to save a little money, residents have the option to share their lease (and their room) to opt for a unit with bunkbeds.

The Clubhouse: Of all the affiliated housing, The Clubhouse is closest to Speed School, so this may be a great option for those students. The Clubhouse is also very close to restaurants like Bandido’s and Dairy Kastle. However, its location also presents some problems.

The number of crimes that have happened at The Clubhouse are higher than some other affiliates. However, The Clubhouse is one of the few affiliates that offers a one-bedroom floor plan and the furnishings stand out from other affiliates.

The Arch: The Arch reconstructed their management last year, so it has improved drastically from its days as The Grove. However, there are still many faults within the facility. The hallways are confusing and, often, dirty.

The rooms also lack anything spectacular about them and the distance is further than what students may be looking for. However, parking at The Arch is free and the bedroom and bathrooms are more spacious than some other affiliates. The Arch also offers a bus for its residents and features some of the cheapest rent prices.