By Olivia Krauth–

A sign supporting the Black Lives Matter movement was stolen from the Kent School of Social Work Thursday night.

According to an email from Kent School Dean David Jenkins to students, someone cut the banner’s ties and removed it from the building.

“Since it was hung on that small balcony on the second floor, someone had to be serious about getting access to it and wanted it down pretty badly,” Jenkins said.

The morning of March 31, a student returned the banner, saying they found it across the street. Jenkins said the banner hasn’t been taken down since it was hung in October and it was promptly rehung.

Jenkins said while feedback surrounding the banner has been mostly positive, there has been some negative feedback. One person called earlier in the week, saying the sign was offensive and it should be removed.

“Regardless of the response, we, as a faculty of social workers and our staff, believed it was important for us to do something in response to the events that were happening across the country,” Jenkins said.