January 31, 2017

Student cut, hospitalized by attempted robbery

uofl campus crime

By Kyeland Jackson —

Updated Feb. 1, 9:51 a.m.

An attempted robbery hospitalized a university student Tuesday night. There are no suspects.

University spokesperson John Drees said the student suffered minor injuries after someone tried robbing them at around 8 p.m. near the intramural field behind the J.B. Speed School.

“The student was walking his dog and was approached by someone with a knife demanding his wallet. They scuffled. The student was apparently stabbed minorly,” Drees said.

Drees later clarified the student was cut, not stabbed.

ULPD were notified by the hospital around nine minutes after the incident.

Canine unit officer Charles Grider, who swept the area for evidence, could not find the crime scene. ULPD will continue investigating the case.

The story will be updated.

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