By Jacqueline Kelly–

Gift giving can be fun when shopping for someone you care about. It’s even more enjoyable when you know you’re not killing your bank account. Saving money doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the thought behind the gift. Here are a few inexpensive, but meaningful, gift ideas.

Gift card to Half Priced Books

Of course you could buy your loved one the book that’s been on their to-be-read list or go for a Barnes and Noble gift card. But Half Priced Books is typically less expensive, which means you can spend less on a gift card without skimping out on your loved one. Or you can spend the same amount on a gift card and your loved one can simply purchase more books.

Framed photo

This doesn’t have to be a narcissistic move. A picture of you and your loved one can actually make a meaningful gift because of the memories attached. So choose a photo that holds a unique memory, frame it in a Goodwill find and you’re good to go.

Travel mug

Travel mugs are an easy go-to for anyone who’s on-the-go. Adding coffee or tea to the mug is a great finishing touch. And if you’re wanting more of a personal touch, try adding a decal to the mug of the person’s initials, fraternity or sorority letters or favorite band.

Bath and Body Works gift basket

Bath and Body Works is great for Christmas gifting, as the mini items go on sale every year, making it easier to put together a small gift basket. However, this is a better option if you’re not shopping for many people because it can definitely add up depending on how much you buy.

Baked goods

Baked goods are a nice option if you prefer to put your culinary skills to use. They’re especially great because one large batch can be split up among several people. Plus, the recipient will appreciate you taking the time to bake something.

Handmade gifts

Even if you’re not the cooking type, handmade items such as bath bombs hold just as much thought. They’re also customizable and less expensive than going to somewhere like Lush. Other things you may already enjoy doing such as jewelry making, painting or sewing can be used to make a thoughtful gift too.

Bottle of wine

This makes for a great gift because there’s still a luxurious feel to it even if you don’t go for a $50 bottle of wine. You can find wines for $10 and Trader Joe’s is known to have quality, organic ones for even cheaper. Boxed wine is also a good alternative to an entire bottle and may be easier to wrap.

A set of pens

Everyone uses pens so this is a good gift for any friend or family member. Plus, there are a variety of sets you choose from. The best part is that you have the option of splurging or only spending a few bucks on them.