By Trinity Wilkins–

The Honors Student Council hosted their second annual RedTalks in a packed Chao Auditorium. Professors spoke on topics ranging from Beyonce to bioarcheology.

“I love (RedTalks) because it allows students to engage with us on the work that we do outside of teaching,” professor Kaila Story said after her talk on #FlawlessFeminism.

Junior Kailee Wunderlich stayed to see Fabian Crespo’s talk on immunology and bioarcheology.

“I was honestly a little disappointed that so many people left after the Beyoncè speech. These speakers were taking time out of their night to tell us interesting things—the least people could have done is stayed to see what they might learn, rather than just going to have their love and idealization of Beyoncè reaffirmed,” Wunderlich said.

The atmosphere was one of comfort as students relaxed and took the opportunity to learn and discuss without the context of exam questions or grade point averages.