By Briana Williams–

Muggles, rejoice: The Honors Student Council will host its fifth annual Yule Ball on Nov. 11.

The Yule Ball is a Harry Potter-themed event originally created as a fun evening after the Books and Media Sale ended. But the ball was so popular, it returned for another year and eventually became what it is today.

One of the event’s coordinators is sophomore Noah Smith. Smith encourages all students, not just those in honors, to attend Yule Ball.

“Please encourage all your friends to come. Yule Ball, like many HSC events, is merely put on by Honors but is open to everyone. Bring as any people as you can. Bring your mom,” Smith said. Smith expects over a hundred students to attend but would love even more than that.

Smith also promised the food would be one of the best parts of the night. “The Three Broomsticks is catering the main course and Honeydukes, of course, will be supplying dessert. Be sure to also snag a chocolate frog,” Smith said.

You don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to enjoy a night that will be filled with food, fun and dancing. There will be no shortage of activities that anyone can enjoy.

“Alongside the delectable treats, there will be dancing throughout the night and a photo booth to capture the magic of the moment to show your future descendants what fun you had at HSC’s most-loved event,” Smith said.

The event will take place at the Red Barn, which will go under a hefty makeover to complete the Harry Potter theme.

“The Red Barn will be completely transformed into a wintry wonderland of Harry Potter whimsy,” Smith said.

The Yule Ball serves as a fundraiser for one of HSC’s partner charities. For the past two years, all HSC events have sent their proceeds to Camp Quality Kentuckiana, an organization that provides summer camps to children with terminal illnesses. The Yule Ball raises around $1,500 a year, making it HSC’s largest fundraiser.

The camps are different from other summer camps because they are specifically designed for sick children to engage with one another in a safe space that is also equipped to handle their medical needs.

Smith admitted that the event is hard work, but is worth it in the end. “This event is a lot of work, but it’s fulfilling work that the special events committee, the ones in charge of Yule Ball, is glad to do each year,” Smith said.

Tickets can be purchased at the door $10 for individuals or $18 if you bring a friend.