September 24, 2016

Fantasy Football returns bigger than ever


By Jake Ford–

Fantasy football is back and more popular than ever. On the first day of the season, the ESPN fantasy app crashed for the majority of the day because there was so much activity.

For those who don’t participate in fantasy football, you may wonder what is so fun about this computerized game. As a fantasy player, I understand that it is simply an awesome time occupier and a fun, legal way to potentially make money. But beyond those two reasons, there are many more.

Junior, John Phillips said, “Fantasy is the ultimate fan experience and a good way to keep in touch with friends who are out of town.”

For those who don’t know, in fantasy you can hold a live in person draft or you can do it online so that you may interact with your friends through ESPN or Yahoo websites and do the draft that way. Personally, I prefer the live draft because it’s three hours of beer drinking and hanging out with your closest friends.

But perhaps more than anything, fantasy football is a way to bring you closer to the game and make you feel like your opinions on what players should or should not play actually matters.

Fantasy football gives you the feeling of being an actual coach. But, coaching in a fantasy league is no joke, depending on how much money you play for, or how much interest you have in fantasy, can determine the amount of hours you spend managing your roster.

Senior, Matt Lawhorn, said “It makes me feel like a coach, I treat my fantasy team as if they were my own. Making lineup changes and free-agent pickups every week. The only negative about it is that now, on Sundays, I know I’m not doing any homework.” Most fantasy players would agree that it is a serious addiction for some people.

For the next 14 or weeks or so, the 2016 fantasy football season is taking over the lives of men and even women all across the world, bringing more interest to the NFL than ever before.

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