September 15, 2016

U of L holds Family Fun Day


By Madison Thompson–

The SAC usually bustles with busy college students and faculty members getting lunch or preparing for some sort of event. The afternoon of Sept. 10 was a little different.

This year, Disney songs played in the SAC Multipurpose Room as the Student Activities Board hosted Family Fun Day.

This is the first year for Family Fun Day, but many of the SAB members and leaders hope the event can become an annual affair. The idea for the event came along after a showing of “Inside Out” last year at the Floyd Theater on campus. Not only were students present, but there were also many students with their families.

There was such a large attendance of children that SAB members wondered what would happen if they hosted an event geared towards family fun. From there, the SAB decided it would be worth the resources to put on a special event for families.

“We are trying to be more inclusive for more people,” said Diana Lalata, the programming director of the event.

“We are trying to reach out to students with families,” Kara Rickmers said.

This year, the theme is Finding Dory. Giant blow up bounce houses and slides were underwater themed. Snacks included Swedish Fish and Gold Fish. A man made balloon animals shaped like Dory and other characters from the film.

The event might be entitled Family Fun Day, but all students are welcome to come and show their support for the event.

The next SAB event is “Where’s The Beef?” This event is in support of veganism and animal rights, and will be held at the Red Barn on Sept. 15 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

SAB planned the event to promote the increasingly popular lifestyle change and teach students how to live healthier.

There will be vegan and vegetarian options for food along with a petting zoo.

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