By Jerad Godsave–

Before you go to any business, probably the first thing you do is find a parking spot. While U of L’s purple passes are popular, new parking options do not provide many other options.

The parking office determined approximately half of all green parking spaces will be displaced. They also said construction of Research Park and complimentary extensions of it are causing the issues in available parking spaces. Major parking shifts in and around Speed school will occur closer to construction at the end of the Fall semester.

Decisions for construction are first outlined by the Office of the President (OTP), the school’s executive branch.  The Office of the President said no new lots are in the queue for construction.

Those eager to know how or what changes will affect them can review the following plans already in effect, as advertised by the OTP:

  • Parking in the area of W.S. Speed Hall, Duthie, and Sackett halls will be eliminated (Engineering section of South Belknap campus)
  • Available green permits will be limited to graduate students, faculty, and staff only
  • Additional express bus route added which loops to SAC

A strategic plan for parking management as an effort to coordinate with multiple stakeholders is in the works.

Additional information can be found at the following sites: