June 27, 2016

Russ Smith becomes spokesman for Louisville-based app


By Briana Williams —

Former U of L Men’s Basketball player Russ Smith is pitching a new social app.

Speaking in a video posted by the company, “Shortnotice” is an app designed to make quick plans and spontaneous adventures with friends easier. The company’s mission is “bringing people together as fast as possible.”

Smith said the app “values real-life interactions way more than virtual interactions.”

The company was founded in 2013 by Louisville natives and brothers, Kush and Neil Nijhawan. Both graduated from Manual High School in 2012.

Not long after launching the app, the Nijhawan brothers recruited Smith as their brand ambassador. Because of his fast-paced lifestyle, the Nijhawan brothers believed the athlete to be a good fit as a spokesperson for the company.

Smith is promoting the app through word of mouth and social media. On Instagram and Twitter alone, he has tens of thousands of followers.

Along with basketball player, brand ambassador and philanthropist, Smith has also added writer to his many titles. On his website he writes journal-style entries with topics ranging from his time with Rick Pitino to his experiences in the NBA. His most recent entry, titled “Time,” is one in which he discusses his perception of time.

The beloved U of L alumni wears many hats and has always been open about his love for Louisville. Not only does Smith believe in the company, he also believes in the brand’s message and philosophy.

“Shortnotice embodies a philosophy of treasuring each moment to the fullest and counting memories instead of likes” said Smith.

In the video, Smith went on to say that the app “is an online tool to get you offline.” With thousands of users already on the app, it seems the company is on the right track of promoting face-to-face interaction and spontaneity.

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