By Briana Williams —

Winter came  in full force last week, it held back nothing and turned our campus into a winter wonderland once again. Last Wednesday and Friday were the first snow days of the season and most students were ecstatic.

Whether you caught up on homework or watched Netflix, the much needed snow days offered students a chance to have a long weekend and safety from the snow. Check out how some students around campus spent their snow days:

“I just stayed in and played video games.” –Zach Butler
“I took my Jeep out and went on a few trails.” –James Johnson
“I stayed in and watched Netflix most of the time.” –Taylor Williams
“Honestly, all I did was stay in my bed all day.” –Katrina Karcz
“My snow days were spent watching movies, drinking hot chocolate and eating way too much.” –Brittany Lilygren
“On the first day, I just went to my friend’s house and did some homework. The second day, I had brunch at the Ville Grill and went sledding.” –Kathryn Stemme
“My room faces the streets around campus, so I just watched people attempt driving in the snow.” –Joshua Wade
“Mostly, I just played with my cat, Socks.” –Hannah Roby
“I slept, ate and repeated.” –Stevie McLean
“It was kind of boring. All I did was watch Netflix, sleep and go to the gym.” –Bria Staten-Favors