January 7, 2016

U of L to open two new housing options

The Louisville Cardinal News

By Isaiah Lewis–

At the start of the fall 2016 semester, U of L will be home to two brand new off campus housing opportunities: The Nine and University Pointe.

With the number of incoming freshman attending U of L increasing each year, the university has been seeking to accommodate the housing needs of all its students. With The Nine opening up on the corner of South Floyd Street and East Brandeis Avenue, and University Pointe opening up on Third Street, both housing options will offer a closer proximity to campus.  This in turn allows for students to have a shorter, easier route to campus.

“They both seem to be very nice but what will probably be the best thing about them is their proximity to campus. Going to classes or to the library won’t be as big of a hassle compared to a longer walk if you lived farther away,” said freshman Niko Godenzi.

The $30 million dollar project will include more than 100 units and a wide variety of different rooms that students can choose from.

“Closeness is the main thing,” said Leslie Walker, leasing and marketing manager for The Nine. “The Nine is only a crosswalk away from campus. Plus, all of our showerheads come equipped with a Bluetooth audio speaker.”

“As the University of Louisville keeps expanding, The Nine and University Pointe are at good locations and are much closer to campus than other off campus housing options,” said Temis Jimenez, a U of L student living off-campus. “It takes me at least 15 minutes to get to the outskirts of campus walking from my apartment. At the new locations, you are just across the street from campus and the SAC, which is also about to be renovated.”


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