Wed. Jun 26th, 2019

U of L Campus Housing hires new director

The Louisville Cardinal News

Julie Weber, the new Director for the Campus Housing department at U of L, has officially made the city of Louisville her new home.

A graduate of Northeastern University, Weber has had extensive experience working with campus housing, dating back to her college years. At Northeastern, Weber was on staff for the housing office work-study program and instantly fell in love with the job. Prior to coming to Louisville, she worked for the University of Maryland, American University, and New Mexico State University housing departments as well, taking on leadership roles at all three schools.

“From the moment I began working as an undergraduate housing staff member at Northeastern, I knew this was a good fit for me. I haven’t really changed jobs since,” says Weber.

After having worked at New Mexico State University for over nine years, Weber and her family felt that a change of scenery was needed. According to Weber, the West coast was a nice area of the country, but she was looking for more of an urban, metropolitan environment to settle down in.

“Both of my children are approaching their college years, and I wanted to make the most out of the opportunities they could have by moving to Louisville,” explains Weber. “U of L’s campus offers so many possibilities for our younger generation, so altogether it was a good fit for both me and my family.”

While Weber has only been on the job for about a week, she has big plans for the U of L campus. Crediting the Provost and President Ramsey for making her transition across the country as smooth as possible, Weber remains impressed by U of L for its commitment to foster an educational environment for every student. To her, collaboration among the Campus Housing department and other branches of the university are crucial for continued success. “The U of L Campus Housing department has been full of energy from the day I got here,” says Weber.

And it’s true: over the past few months, U of L Housing has planned to build and expand more Living Learning Communities for the 2016 school year and promote resources for academic success in each residence hall and apartment complex. Overall, it seems as though Weber’s time as Director of Housing will be full of new accomplishments for the University of Louisville campus—starting with the creation of the University Pointe apartment complex opening in Fall of 2016!

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