If you aren’t excited, you sure as heck should be.

Perhaps indie music moguls know more than their debut single, “Daylight,” but any mainstream college student should be sweating at Matt and Kim’s performance (read: dance party), during this year’s Homecoming Week, Oct. 16 on Cardinal Boulevard.

You don’t need to know every song to enjoy their show—or any songs for that matter. It’s not much of a surprise the running theme of their music has been on the YOLO spectrum, as these hypnotize anyone into a Matt and Kim state of mind. Their last album has provided some insight between the couple’s relationship and the balance between touring, music and their home lives.

These two are proof of the classic “high off life” scenario.  Kim “dance boxes her self in the mirror before shows,” claims Matt from this summer’s Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware. The wild and rambunctious drummer is also known for twerking—either on her drum set or on fan hands—and the duo encourages fans to crowd surf their way to the front.

 Vice President Concert Chair Dom Cinquina and Student Activities Board member Katie Olsen commented on their decision to have Matt and Kim perform during homecoming week.

 Olsen originally mentioned the idea to SAB in her application, only then “sort of believing” that Matt and Kim would actually agree to perform.

 “She (Katie) mentioned it to me, I’ve seen them twice, so I was 100 percent behind it,” says Cinquina.

 When asking Olsen what she would say to students who haven’t seen Matt and Kim before, her reply was simple: “They need to go to the show.”

 Matt and Kim’s progression over the years has had a heavy EDM influence, making their concerts perfect for music festivals or special occasions like watching the ball drop on New Years Eve (or various college events). No worries, even if you think EDM is “just a bunch of noise,” you’ll be sure to see their flexibility when it comes to reading a crowd.

 “It’s such an experience, their show. Not only do they perform their own songs, but they take breaks in between and play trap music,” said Olsen.

 Cinquina said, “They’re such a high energy show – even if you haven’t seen them before, come with an open mind and you’ll have fun. Plus it’s free so, why not?”

“Yeah,” said Olsen, “their music isn’t a specific genre like rap, rock, country or even strictly pop. Technically it’s ‘indie pop’,” she puts in air quotes. “It’s just fun music. No one’s really gonna hate it unless they just hate to have fun.”

 Turn up. Cards (on music): Lil John has nothing on these two. I can confidently say that this will be the best homecoming show Louisville students will ever see. So unleash your senior-year-of-high-school stereotype, because this will be the closest thing to Project X you’ll ever live.